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[802SEC] April 15 2003 802.20 leadership conference call minutes

Dear SEC and 802.20 members,
Geoff Thompson and I are conducting regular conference calls with the interim co-vice chairs. 
For your information, below are the minutes from the April 15th call.
April 15, 2003 (noon to 12:30PM EDT) conference call minutes
Attendees: Jerry Upton, Mark Klerer, Geoff Thompson, Paul Nikolich (4)
Observers:  Joanne Wilson, Eshwar Pittampali, Gang Wu, Steve Crowley, Qiang Guo, Jim Mollenaur, Bill Young, Joseph Cleveland, Reza Arefi, Steven Dennett (10)  Paul asked observers to remain silent unless their input was requested.  Everyone agreed.
1) Update on May Interim Session
    - no objections to the agenda posted by Mark K. April 02
    - Geoff recommended minimizing 'new business'--there is more than enough work on the table at the moment
    - a call for contributions has been posted, the deadline for contributions is May 5
    - Jerry recommended ending the session Thursday 5PM to allow people to make late flights, Mark recommended keeping it at 9PM to accommodate the potential workload, it was agreed to keep it at 9PM
    - Mark and Jerry worked out a strategy via an earlier telecon for jointly conducting the interim session; they will alternate the presiding officer responsibilities.  Procedural rulings affecting the entire group will be jointly agreed on by Jerry and Mark.
    - Geoff suggested a pre-agreement on how to break a tie if Jerry and Mark cannot quickly come to an agreement on a ruling
2) Update on Membership Interpretation
    - Geoff described and explained the Membership Interpretation motion before the SEC at this time
    - Geoff explained the Interpretation motion is separate from the Policy and Procedures Rules Change under ballot at this time
    - Paul will instruct Mat Sherman to provide an update to 802.20 at the Dallas interim  on the LMSC P&P membership interpretations and change ballot to be available to answer questions.
3) Next meeting scehdule:
    - April 22, 2003 1-2PM EDT
    - May 02, 2003 4-5PM EDT
    - Geoff has obtained access to a dial-in conference service that will be used for the next call