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stds-802-mobility: NOTICE: next 802.20 leadership call Thurs May 08 2:30PM EDT (also included: minutes from 802.20 leadership call of May 02)


Attached are the minutes from the May 02 conference call.  The next call is scheduled for Thursday May 8 2:30-3:30PM EDT.  (The change from NOON EDT is to accomodate Mark's travel schedule).  Please contact me directly if you would like to participate in the call and I'll send you the dial in information 1 hour before the start of the call. 

The tentative agenda for the next call is:

(1) appeal complaint update--Geoff
(2) WG decision guidelines--internal only, 75% approval required--Paul and Geoff
(3) WG interim session update--Mark and Jerry


--Paul Nikolich


May 02 2003 con call minutes:  Meeting start: 4:05PM EDT end 4:40PM EDT

Attendees: Jerry Upton, Mark Klerer, Geoff Thompson, Paul Nikolich

Observers:  Eshwar Pittampalli, Joanne Wilson, Reza Arefi, Arif Ansari, Jim Tomcik, Steve Crowley, Mat Sherman, Gang Wu


(1) membership interpretation update--Paul
    - the interpretation motion passed (7 approves); Mat Sherman and Geoff Thompson provided background/explanation

(2) appeal complaint update--Geoff
    - Geoff plans on completing the responses by next week

(3) 802.11/15/16/20 coordination meeting update--Mark
    - Tuesday May 13 8-10AM there will be a meeting to faciliate 'coordination' among the 802.11/15/16/18/19/20 groups
    - during Monday May 12 PM meeting 802.20 will spend a limited time developing a consensus perspective strictly limited to the relationship of 802.20 to the other WGs
    - Mark and Jerry will manage the discussion to ensure it doesn't consume too many WG cycles
    - Mat Sherman will be around to give feedback if needed, Geoff and Paul can always be reached by email/phone as well

(4) Next meetings:
    - Noon EDT May 08 2003<---CHANGED TO 2:30PM EDT May 08
    - 7PM EDT May 13 2003