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Re: [802SEC] +++ LMSC P&P Revision Ballot +++ Ballot onExecutive Committee Title


Can you explain what you mean when you say that the Computer Society 
and IEEE-SA "don't recognize anything other than 'Sponsor', the 
person (Nikolich)"? My understanding is that the sponsor of 802 
standards projects is the LMSC, not the LMSC Chair.

The IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws (5.2.2) says "Sponsors of IEEE 
standards projects are committees" and provides a lot more detail.

The RevCom submittal form asks the question:
	"4. SPONSOR (Full name of society/committee)"

The PAR form asks:
	"Name of Sponsoring Society and Committee"

So I think that the Sponsor is not a person.


At 11:48 AM -0700 03/05/14, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>I support the Nikolich comment regarding the introduction of yet 
>another new term "EC" (In my mind, the term "EC" is stuck at the 
>name for "Educational Comics", the original name of the entity that 
>published MAD Comix/Magazine)
>Further, I am uncertain that the shuffling that this does reflects 
>the actual organization that is required of us by the Computer 
>Society and IEEE-SA. It is my understanding that they don't 
>recognize anything other than "Sponsor", the person (Nikolich). This 
>fact (or lack thereof) needs to be explained in all of this.