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Re: [802SEC] +++SEC MOTION+++ Motion: Authorize Forwarding of the 802.11g draft to RevCom

Dear SEC members,

Stuart and I continue to work to answer any questions that you may have regarding the 802.11g process. Due to the concerns expressed by SEC members that Mike Moreton's comments may not have been processed properly, Stuart and I contacted Mike this morning. I sat down with Mike for the last hour to better understand any concerns and issues. Mike wanted to make sure that all of his comments from the initial sponsor ballot were reviewed by RevCom. To make sure that all SEC and RevCom members can be confident in the procedure that has been followed and confident that no member has been disenfranchised, I have gone through all of Mike's comments with him from the initial sponsor ballot. All of these comments have been clearly shown throughout the balloting prcoess for 802.11g. You will find the comments in the attached document, along with a new column indicating Mike's position with respect to each comment.

Best regards,

Mike Moreton Comments.xls

On Thursday, June 5, 2003, at 01:44 PM, Stuart J. Kerry wrote:

SEC Members,
As an update to this motion I am here with Mike Moreton and Matthew Shoemake (TGg Chair) in Vancouver at the Wi-Fi Alliance and have asked Mike and Matthew to review the issues Mike has with his "no" comment resolutions throughout the balloting progress. The aim of this is to address the concerns of a member to a charge of dis-franchise within the process of the TGg Draft. This being subject to the current discussion and positioning on this motion.
I URGE ALL SEC MEMBERS to reconsider their voting position with the additional information that will be posted very shortly (within 1 hour - current time being 11:30 Hrs Pacific) in time before the close of the current balloting window.

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