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[802SEC] reflector observations


A few observations:

1) We have exchanged more messages on the subject of
wireless projectors than we exchanged on the subject
of whether 802.11g was ready for RevCom.  In fact,
we have exchanged more messages on this subject than
anything else we have discussed in recent memory.

2) Most of the messages on the subject have been sent
both to the SEC reflector, and to a list of individual
addresses.  I am not sure of how many of you
are getting duplicates, but I have gotten every one
of the messages on this thread twice.

3) Most of the messages on the thread have quoted
the earlier messages.  The most recent messages are
about 9 kibibytes in length, but add only a few hundred
bytes of new information.

The point being that we don't really need to send
duplicate copies of redundant information.

And everyone seems to have overlooked the fact
that the SEC reflector is operating MUCH FASTER
now.  I notice that the duplicate copies are received
back to back, with one addressed to me individually
(thus bypassing the reflector entirely) and one coming
via the reflector, with less than 1 minute difference
in delivery time.  Pretty good, eh?

Since we seem to have so much time to devote to the
question of whether we should spend an extra $400 to
buy a projector with a wireless interface (vs one without),
may I ask that we spend a few cycles discussing the
suggestion I tossed out earlier, which was for us to
consider retaining a paid staffer to help with P&P
changes and project tracking?

Howard Frazier