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RE: [802SEC] Agenda items for Friday


Ideally I think I'd like about half an hour of agenda time for rules
issues total.  Off hand I have:

SA/CS rules update - 5 minutes or less
Approve WG Membership P&P Rev - 10 minutes
Approve Appeals Process P&P Rev - 5 minutes
Aprove EC Name Change P&P Rev - 5 minutes
Vote Order of Precedence P&P rev to ballot - 5 minutes

Also I see under Bill the following rules related agenda items:

Approve Unpaid attendee P&P Rev
Vote Treasury related changes (get Bill description) to Ballot

I'm guessing Bill will need at least 5 minutes each for his changes.  I
still have some outstanding documentation to provide tonight, but I
don't think any of it is controversial.  Hopefully I haven't missed
anything.  I'll let you know if I have.


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Please send your agenda items to me for Friday's meeting, even if they
are preliminary and may be removed at a later time.  It is easier to
pull things out of the agenda that it is to squeeze them in at the last
minute.  To ensure that I haven't missed anything, please also send me
items that may have been announced on Monday.



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