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From: "Montague, John E" <>
To: "'IEEE 802 SEC'" <>
Subject: RE: [802SEC] LMSC Treasurer's report on WG financial operations
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 22:22:34 -0400


If the LMSC EC is going to allow WG/SG/TAGs to operate with treasury
all accounts ought to be required to be Concentration Banking accounts.
Further, there should be a requirement that the LMSC Chair, LMSC
and the IEEE Treasurer be signators on the account.  The IEEE Treasurer
automatically be a signator if Concentration Banking accounts are used.

In the past, the intent of the LMSC operating Rules was to prohibit
WG/SG/TAGs of all types from operating with treasury to avoid the
complications inherent therein and to avoid the need for formal audits.
Much of the language you are needing to modify in the LMSC P&P stems
this intant and the unwritten, but often discussed, intent that interim
meetings be self funded with no carry over of funds or obligations.

From observation of the postings on this reflector there seems to be a
steady migration from the original LMSC organizational concept of a
collection of Working Groups operation under standardized procedures
uniformly effective across the entire LMSC towards a loosly bound
of essentially independent entities operation more and more
under WG specific rules.  I do not see this as a healthy development for
Working Groups, the LMSC, the Standards Community, or the public (users

John Montague
Former Vice Chair, Treasurer of LMSC
Former Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer of the IEEE Columbia Section
Treasurer, IEEE South Carolina Council, Region 3

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From: Bill Quackenbush [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 9:43 PM
To: IEEE 802 SEC
Subject: [802SEC] LMSC Treasurer's report on WG financial operations


Attached the latest revision (July 22, 2003) of the LMSC Treasurer's
on WG financial activities.  I will be moving the acceptance of this
and the adoption of the corrective actions at the closing EC meeting.