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Re: [802SEC] November 2003 Tutorial Request


This appears to be a single-company request. In my view, tutorials are 
generally more effective when then include a variety of viewpoints.

Given that there has already been a lot of discussion of this issue 
within 802 (primarily in 802.15, but with a bit in 802.16), I would 
suggest that the organizers seek to involve a broader range of 


On Wednesday, September 24, 2003, at 05:41  AM, Paul Nikolich wrote:

> All,
> I received the attached tutorial request for mmWave WLANs from Dev 
> Gupta of
> NewLans earlier this week.  I will act as the sponsor.
> Buzz, assuming we place this tutorial in one of the Tues slots, I 
> believe 3
> of the 4 slots are taken at this time; EMS (Nikolich/Frazier), 
> (Grow/Booth), mmWave WLAN (Nikolich/Gupta).
> Regards,
> --Paul Nikolich
> <tutorial_req-mesh-r1.doc>