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Re: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00


Okay, I'll bite; I'm one (actually half) of the 802.2 committee in
hibernation and a longtime student of the evolution of the O&A. (Not by any
means the most senior; quite a number of us in 802.1 remember when the "OUI"
term was invented.)

What do you imagine needs to be fixed, with regard to this matter, in 802.2?
and, for that matter, in the O&A?

Hal Keen

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From: "David Halasz" <>
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 7:38 AM
Subject: RE: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00

> Thanks Geoff,
> I trust you will proceed to fix 802.2 and the 802 Overview and
> document.
>          Dave H.