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RE: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00


I think I know the answer to this one. Two things need fixing.

1) There is a complete absense of a useful OUI/EUI/whatever to enable
standards to create selection tables with vendor proprietary entries. I
certainly hope that the RAC assign one for this purpose at the next
meeting since it's the least messy route to a solution for .11i, LinkSec
and anything else comes along.

2) The extreme cunning with which the information on the use and nature
of OUIs and EUIs has been hidden needs to be undone. Around the time
that this thread started, I went searching the IEEE site to educate
myself. I found the 802 document describing MAC addresses and OUIs and
the RAC pages which provided a submission form and a list of assigned
OUIs and not much else.

What I never found was any reference to an EUI or the rules for OUIs and
EUIs. In fact I didn't know an EUI existed until David James posted the address.
An hour searching with google and the IEEE search tool didn't reveal
this little gem.

So a link on the RAC pages to 'What the actually rules are' would at
least empower us (standards writers) to know the rules of the game we
are playing without invoking Sherlock Holmes mode.


David Johnston
Intel Corporation
Chair, IEEE 802 Handoff ECSG

Email :
Tel   : 503 380 5578 (Mobile)
Tel   : 503 264 3855 (Office)

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> To: Geoff Thompson; David Halasz
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> Subject: Re: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00
> Dave:
> Okay, I'll bite; I'm one (actually half) of the 802.2 committee in
> hibernation and a longtime student of the evolution of the 
> O&A. (Not by any
> means the most senior; quite a number of us in 802.1 remember 
> when the "OUI"
> term was invented.)
> What do you imagine needs to be fixed, with regard to this 
> matter, in 802.2?
> and, for that matter, in the O&A?
> Hal Keen
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> From: "David Halasz" <>
> Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 7:38 AM
> Subject: RE: [802.1] TGi use of OUI 00-00-00
> >
> > Thanks Geoff,
> >
> > I trust you will proceed to fix 802.2 and the 802 Overview and
> Architecture
> > document.
> >
> >          Dave H.