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Re: [802SEC] request for your views on attendance credit


I agree with your analysis, with some clarification and concerns about Mr. Trinkwon being singled out. 

First clarification, it is my understanding that credit can only be maintained by participating in 802.18 and not gained in a group in which one is not yet a member. So getting credit for 802.20 in March by attending 802.18 was not possible. So clearly that attendance would go to 802.16. So to that extend the 802.18 issue is a red herring.

With respect the issue of double dipping in 802.16 and 802.20 as I have pointed out, from the public record it is obvious that several 802.16 members have done that and have gotten credit in 802.16. (I have not (yet) come to any conclusion on how to handle this).
So I share your serious concern about this abuse but do expect David Trinkwon would be treated the same as others guilty of this infraction.

Mark Klerer
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