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RE: [802SEC] RE: Music at the Albuquerque Social

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From: Grow, Bob []
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2003 8:02 PM
To: Rigsbee, Everett O; Geoff Thompson
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Subject: [802SEC] RE: Music at the Albuquerque Social

When I saw this I though fantastic, an alternative to a mariachi band.  The seemingly obligatory mariachi band in Albuquerque is for me almost as bad as the hotel room challenges.


As long as I am dumping on meeting locations, please note the following relevant to March/Florida, how about an 802 led boycott of Florida? 


Works for me :-)  I don't like Florida that much anyway ...  How about something in Europe?

Or ... have we EVER had a meeting in Brazil? (probably the largest market potential in So America)

ANATEL might even be persuaded to consider some sort of sponsorship/special arrangements.

Brazil was VERY hot on the 5 GHz allocation.




The state of Florida is mulling a rule that could result in taxation of computer networks - both WAN and LAN.

The rule is taking businesses by surprise, according to a story in the Orlando Business Journal:

The article says the state would tax networks 9.17%, and local districts could add their own tax to it. What exactly would be taxed? Either the lease payments or annual depreciation of network equipment, according to the article.


--Bob Grow