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[802SEC] Computer Society Awards: Working Group Service

Dear EC members,

Please read the below note from Jim Moore.  He is looking for nominees for
IEEE CS SAB awards.  I'm sure we have several suitable candidates.  Please
send your responses directly to Jim.



----- Original Message ----- 
From: "James W. Moore" <moorej@MITRE.ORG>
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 2:17 PM
Subject: Computer Society Awards: Working Group Service

> To: Sponsor Chairs
> Please forward this note to any Working Group chair who has completed a
> standards project recently. (The criterion for completion is approval by
> the Standards Board.) Please work with the WG chair to encourage a quick
> and complete response.
> To: Working Group Chairs
> The IEEE Computer Society SAB and the IEEE CS Awards Committee have
> approved an expedited procedure to give awards to the participants in
> standards working groups.
> In this note, I request that you prepare a list of nominees, send the
> list to your sponsor chair for endorsement, and forward the list to the
> Computer Society SAB for approval and action. Please send the list to
> SAB Secretary and Awards Chair, John Walz ( with
> a cc to me (
> First, please tell me the name and number of the standard and the nature
> of the project (new, revision, supplement, etc.)
> List all of the other participants in the Working Group who performed
> their work diligently. You should nominate these people for a
> Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Sponsor Chair, under "awards
> situation 1".
> List the people who participated in the project and who took leadership
> positions. These would include editors, ballot resolution committee
> members, secretaries, sub-group chairs, etc., unless nominated in the
> next category. You should nominate these people for a Certificate of
> Appreciation signed by the CS VP of Standards, under "awards situation
> 2".
> If the Project Editor or other officer (e.g. ballot reviewer, secretary,
> sub-group chair, etc.) performed at a level of commitment and effort
> similar to that of the WG Chair, please nominate that person for an
> Outstanding Contribution Award, under "awards situation 3". (Please
> explain why they deserve a higher award than the folks in the previous
> group.)
> One other thing -- we need to uniquely identify all of the individuals
> that you nominate, among the 100,000 members of the Computer Society. So
> we must have either member numbers or contact information. Please
> provide that.
> Thanks.
> Regards, Jim Moore
> IEEE CS Vice President of Standards Activities
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