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Re: [802SEC] July minutes and November Agenda


The July Monday minutes look OK to me.

On the Friday minutes, I have a couple of issues.

(1) The agenda approval is confusing. Namely, 2.00 is a successful motion to approve the agenda "as modified". The minutes should either state the modifications, or they should include the modified version of the agenda. They do neither, so we don't have a record of the approved agenda.

It's easy to see that the included agenda is not the one we followed. Note that 3.00 is on the consent agenda. However, at least one of the modifications was to remove it from the consent agenda; that's why we voted on it in 3.00. It's not easy to tell what other modifications were made.

(2) 3.01 is an incomplete sentence. Either the word "that" should be deleted, or else the end of the sentence is missing.


>I have updated the web site with the minutes and reports from the July
>meeting.  I apologize for the lateness of this.  You can find the
>minutes and reports at 
>I am now preparing the first draft of the November opening agenda.
>Please email your agenda items to me by close of business (PST) on
>Wednesday, 10/29.  Please indicate whether your item is informational
>(II), or requires a decision (ME or MI).  Thank you.
> -Bob
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