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[802SEC] request for motion: P802.16-REVd to Sponsor Ballot (ConditionalApproval)

Dear Paul,

As I discussed during the ad hoc EC meeting of 12 January, I would 
like to move to seek Conditional Approval, under Procedure 10, to 
send P802.16-REVd to Sponsor Ballot. Mr. Kerry has agreed to second 
the motion. I request that the ballot close by February 7.

Please note the following points:

(1) The Working Group Letter Ballot on sending the document to 
Sponsor Ballot ran from 29 September to 31 October 2003. The recirc 
ran from 6-29 December 2003. In all, we received 663 comments, 
resolving them at our meetings in November and January.

(2) Ballot resolution efforts have been substantially completed. The 
current ballot results are detailed here:
In particular, the Approval Ratio is 93.9% [46/3/1] and the Return 
Ratio is 87.7%. Three Disapprove voters remain. However, one of them 
said 'I can confirm that all my technical binding comments are now 
satisfied. In addition I will be in a position to change my vote to 
"Approve" subject of course, to satisfactory implementation of the 

(3) Three Disapprove comments remain. These are posted here:
Two of these (#27 and #613) are from the same voter and on the same 
topic; the first has already been rejected and recirculated, and the 
second has been rejected and is being recirculated. The third (#629) 
is a followup to his earlier recirculated comment; it has been 
partially accepted (although not to the voter's satisfaction) and is 
being recirculated.

The full comment database is available in Commentary format here:
I'll be happy to provide this in a different format if you like.

(4) The draft is posted as P802.16-REVd/D3:
I'll be happy to assist you if the password protection gets in your way.

Note that, as suggested by Mr. Thompson, the draft includes the 
statement "This draft is intended for IEEE-SA Sponsor Ballot with 
individuals as the ballot group members."

(5) A 15-day confirmation ballot is currently underway. The 
announcement is here:

(6) At its Closing Plenary of 15 January, the 802.16 Working Group 
approved a motion "To request conditional approval from the 802 EC to 
forward the final balloted P802.16-REVd draft for Sponsor Ballot." 
The motion passed by a vote of 34/0/0. Note that the Working Group 
has 64 members.