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Re: [802SEC] Fw: IEEE-SA Staff Liaison to 802 +Good-bye and thank you+

Dear EC Members:

I would like to take this opportunity to say good-bye to the IEEE 802
Committee and to thank you for the positive remarks and good wishes I have
received on the carrying out of my new responsibilities within the IEEE-SA.

I will now be working with committees and societies, which some of them
need a lot of training and hand holding and I am very excited with this new
opportunity to continue providing dedicated support to other groups .
Also, there are new challenges awaiting me in working on some new exciting
projects in the department.

It was a pleasant experience working with the IEEE 802 Committee/Community
and as I expressed it before, thank you for your positive contributions to
the IEEE Standardization Process.

Good luck to all of you on all your future endeavors.
Angela Ortiz

Program Manager - Technical Program Development
IEEE Standards, 445 Hoes Lane,
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331 USA
Telephone: 1732-562-3809  ><  Fax: 1732-562-1571
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Dear EC members,

Below is a note from Sue Vogel announcing the Andrew Ickowicz assuming IEEE
SA staff liaison responsibilities for 802 as of the begining of March.  I
would like to take this opportunity to thank Angela Ortiz for the
dedication, time and effort she has devoted to 802 over the past 2+years.
Angela, best wishes in working with your new set of sponsors.  Andy,


--Paul Nikolich

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Subject: IEEE-SA Staff Liaison to 802

> Dear Paul:
> Please forward the below message to the 802 Executive Committee
> Thanks
> Sue
> Dear 802 Executive Committee members:
> I am pleased to announce that Andrew Ickowicz will assume responsibility
> IEEE Standards staff liaison for the 802 committee, effective 1 March
> Andy recently moved from Standards Publishing to Technical Program
> Development, and as a result of this addition to our program support, I
> reallocating staff resources that will align committee support to meet a
> variety of needs. The valuable experience that Angela Ortiz has gained
> allow her to focus support to other IEEE committees and societies that
> require her knowledgable skillset.
> As background, Andy has worked for the IEEE-SA since October, 1998,
> formerly as an Associate Project Editor, then Project Editor. Andy has
> experience of working with many IEEE committees and working groups, and
> also edited a number of 802 standards, such as IEEE  802.1s-2002, IEEE
> 802.1Q, IEEE Std 802.11F-2003, IEEE Std
> 802.15.2-2003, IEEE Std 802.15.3-2003.
> Andy's educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
> from Frostburg State University, the
> Publishing Certification Program (with a concentration on Book and
> Electronic Publishing) at New York University, and ANSI standards
> Angela will work with Andy to transition the workload over the next few
> weeks. Andy will be attending the March 802 plenary with other staff. I
> would ask that Angela remain on the SEC reflector until after the March
> meeting, in addition to adding Andy now, so that they can discuss items
> importance before the meeting.
> Andy can be reached at or 732-562-3810. I hope you
> join me in wishing both Angela and Andy well in their new endeavors.
> Regards,
> Sue
> Sue Vogel
> Manager, Technical Committee Programs
> National Electrical Safety Code
> _________________________
> IEEE Standards Activities
> +1 732 562 3817 phone
> +1 732 562 1571 fax