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[802SEC] a couple more agenda items


Two additional agenda items for 802.15--

1) PAR change approval for a limitation of scope to the 15.3a PAR

2)  Approval to form a mmWave Study Group

Rational for these actions.

There has been substantial interest with 802.15 to pursue mmWave using the 
15.3 MAC for video distribution in principally outdoor applications.  The 
problem is we have an open project, called 3a, with a broad scope of being 
an alternate PHY for 15.3 capable of operating at 110 Mbps or better.   The 
scope is broad enough that it includes mmWave.  Given the UWB impasse in 
3a, that will still take some time to resolve, it essentially blocks the 
pursuit of a technology which can address a different set of 
applications.  By limiting the scope of 3a to something less than 25 GHz, 
it allows this group of interested parties to form an SG to develop a draft 
PAR and 5C demonstrating their unique value proposition (or not) while 
permitting the 3a group to continue unimpedded. I think it is appropriate 
to let them do this. This fits the prerogative of changes which do not 
alter the functionality of the PAR but which help the pursuit of working 
group business. I hope to have your support for this.

Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
Chair, ZigBee Alliance
11 Louis Road
Attleboro, MA  02703   USA
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