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[802SEC] !!!REMINDER!!! IEEE 802 News Bulletin Information--deadline is March 22 (today) at 6PM

Dear WG and TAG chairs,
Please remember to get your 802 News Bulletin summaries to Karen McCabe and Mark Klerer by 6PM EST today.
EC hosts of the Tutorial Sessions--please provide one or two sentence descriptions of the tutorials to Karen and Mark as well.
Karen, Mark,
Below are the top level highlights of last week's plenary session.  If you have any questions or need clarifications, feel free to ask.
- This was the second largest plenary session on record with 1379 paid attendees.
- all WGs and TAGs held officer elections
- The EC and LMSC Chairman, Paul Nikolich was re-elected for another 2 year term.
- The appointed members of the EC: 1st Vice Chair Matthew Sherman, Treasurer Bill Quackenbush, Executive Secretary, Buzz Rigsbee, and Recording Secretary, Bob O'Hara were re-elected.
- Tresurer Bill Quackenbush is able to serve through only the July plenary session, the chair is actively looking for Treasurer candidates, one member .
- Howard Frazier was elected to the postion of 2nd Vice Chair, replacing Geoff Thompson, who is retiring from 802.  Congratulations Howard and thank you Geoff.
- 5 Standards were approved by the Stds Board since the last plenary session
- 3 Projects were withdrawn by the Stds Board since the last plenary session
    - Highlight: since the 802.10 Secure Interoperable LAN Standards were withdraw, the hibernating working group is being disbanded.
- 4 PARs were approved by the Stds Board since the last plenary session.
    Highlight: The 802.21 PAR was approved in February, resulting in the new 802.21 Working Group on Media Independent Handover Services
- 11 PARS were authorized by the 802 EC to be forwarded to IEEE-SA NesCom for approval by the Standards Board
- 3 draft standards were authorized by the 802 EC to be forward to the IEEE-SA RevCom for approval by the Standards Board
    Highlight: The 802.17 RPR WG has completed it's first project, the RPR base standard.
- 5 new Study Groups were formed
- 5 Tutorials were held covering a wide range of topics: Wireless Performance Metrics, Power Line Carrier Standardization, 10Gb Ethernet on Multi-mode fiber, Unlicensed Spread Spectrum Retrospective, and the Application of mmWave Based Physical Layers in WPANs
- an Ad-Hoc 802 architecture meeting will be held the Sunday prior to the next plenary to identify and address 802-wide architectural items.  It will be chaired by Tony Jeffree, chair of the 802.1 WG.
- Discussions were held among the EC members, the SA Staff and SA BoG members planning for the upcoming May visit to China to meet with the Standards Administration of China
- the next plenary session will be held July 11-16 2004 in Portland Oregon
- in summary, this was a busy, productive plenary session for the IEEE 802 LMSC