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[802SEC] IEEE 802 News Bulletin Information from 802.16

Correction below, per Buzz Rigsbee. I'm glad he remembered where we were.

It's tough working under these hard deadlines:)


>IEEE 802 News Bulletin Information from 802.16
>*Session #30 of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless 
>Access took place on 15-18 March 2004, along with the IEEE 802 
>Plenary Session in Orlando, Florida, USA. 179 registrants, over 
>double the size of the previous plenary session, indicated a primary 
>interest in IEEE 802.16. Another 164 registrants indicated 802.16 as 
>their secondary interest.
>Revision of IEEE Standard 802.16 Passes Sponsor Ballot, pending Recirculation
>*IEEE P802.16-REVd, a comprehensive revision of IEEE Standard 802.16 
>("Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems") and 
>its two amendments, completed Sponsor Ballot. Following comment 
>resolution at Session #30, nearly all of the voters favored approval 
>of the draft. The 802 LMSC EC agreed, conditionally, to forward the 
>draft to RevCom for approval. The Working Group intends to submit 
>the draft to RevCom in May, following recirculation.
>Mobile WirelessMAN (P802.16e) Draft Finishes Working Group Letter Ballot
>*A Working Group Letter Ballot was completed regarding IEEE 
>P802.16e/D1, the first draft of the enhancement of the WirelessMAN 
>air interface to support mobile as well as fixed users. During the 
>session, many comments were resolved. Since the ballot concluded 
>successfully, a recirculation of comments will be initiated.
>Third Conformance Draft Submitted for Approval; Second Conformance 
>Standard Published
>*The 802 LMSC EC agreed to forward P802.16/Conformance03 ("Radio 
>Conformance Tests (RCT) for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface") 
>to RevCom for approval, with 100% support in Sponsor Ballot. The 
>Working Group intends to submit the draft to RevCom in May, 
>following recirculation. This will be the third in the 802.16 series 
>of conformance documents. The second in the series was published as 
>IEEE Standard P802.16/Conformance02 on 25 Feb 2004. A PAR to open 
>the fourth document in the series has been forwarded for NesCom 
>Revised Recommended Practice on Coexistence Published
>*On 9 Feb 2004, IEEE published IEEE Standard 802.16.2-2004 ("IEEE 
>Recommended Practice for Local and metropolitan area networks - 
>Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"). This is a 
>revision of IEEE Standard 802.16.2-2001, adding material for 
>licensed bands from 2-11 GHz.
>New 802.16 Network Management Study Group
>*The 802 LMSC EC affirmed a decision by the Working Group to create 
>the 802.16 Network Management Study Group, to be chaired by David 
>Working Group Officers Re-Elected
>*The Working Group re-elected its Chair, Roger Marks, and its Vice 
>Chair, Ken Stanwood, for an additional two-year term. Both elections 
>were uncontested and unanimous.
>Working Group Liaison Activities
>*The WG approved a liaison statement to TTA PG05 in response to an 
>input statement from that group, which is addressing portable 
>Internet service (PIS) in Korea. Liaison statements from ITU-T and 
>ITU-R were reviewed, and plans for responding to them were developed.
>Future Sessions
>*IEEE 802.16's Session #31 will take place in Shenzhen, China on 
>17-20 May 2004. The host company, ZTE Corporation, presented its 
>plans for the session.
>*IEEE 802.16's Session #32 will take place in Portland, OR, USA on 
>12-15 July 2004 in conjunction with the IEEE 802 Plenary Session.
>*A decision was made to hold IEEE 802.16's Session #33 in Seoul, 
>Korea in September 2004. The site selection process also considered 
>proposals to hold the session in Montreal, Canada; Geneva, 
>Switzerland; and Tel Aviv, Israel.
>At 14:40 -0500 04/03/22, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>>Dear WG and TAG chairs,
>>Please remember to get your 802 News Bulletin summaries to Karen 
>>McCabe and Mark Klerer by 6PM EST today.
>>EC hosts of the Tutorial Sessions--please provide one or two 
>>sentence descriptions of the tutorials to Karen and Mark as well.
>>Karen, Mark,
>>Below are the top level highlights of last week's plenary session. 
>>If you have any questions or need clarifications, feel free to ask.
>>- This was the second largest plenary session on record with 1379 
>>paid attendees.
>>- all WGs and TAGs held officer elections
>>- The EC and LMSC Chairman, Paul Nikolich was re-elected for 
>>another 2 year term.
>>- The appointed members of the EC: 1st Vice Chair Matthew Sherman, 
>>Treasurer Bill Quackenbush, Executive Secretary, Buzz Rigsbee, and 
>>Recording Secretary, Bob O'Hara were re-elected.
>>- Tresurer Bill Quackenbush is able to serve through only the July 
>>plenary session, the chair is actively looking for Treasurer 
>>candidates, one member .
>>- Howard Frazier was elected to the postion of 2nd Vice Chair, 
>>replacing Geoff Thompson, who is retiring from 802. 
>>Congratulations Howard and thank you Geoff.
>>- 5 Standards were approved by the Stds Board since the last plenary session
>>- 3 Projects were withdrawn by the Stds Board since the last plenary session
>>     - Highlight: since the 802.10 Secure Interoperable LAN 
>>Standards were withdraw, the hibernating working group is being 
>>- 4 PARs were approved by the Stds Board since the last plenary session.
>>     Highlight: The 802.21 PAR was approved in February, resulting 
>>in the new 802.21 Working Group on Media Independent Handover 
>>- 11 PARS were authorized by the 802 EC to be forwarded to IEEE-SA 
>>NesCom for approval by the Standards Board
>>- 3 draft standards were authorized by the 802 EC to be forward to 
>>the IEEE-SA RevCom for approval by the Standards Board
>>     Highlight: The 802.17 RPR WG has completed it's first project, 
>>the RPR base standard.
>>- 5 new Study Groups were formed
>>- 5 Tutorials were held covering a wide range of topics: Wireless 
>>Performance Metrics, Power Line Carrier Standardization, 10Gb 
>>Ethernet on Multi-mode fiber, Unlicensed Spread Spectrum 
>>Retrospective, and the Application of mmWave Based Physical Layers 
>>in WPANs
>>- an Ad-Hoc 802 architecture meeting will be held the Sunday prior 
>>to the next plenary to identify and address 802-wide architectural 
>>items.  It will be chaired by Tony Jeffree, chair of the 802.1 WG.
>>- Discussions were held among the EC members, the SA Staff and SA 
>>BoG members planning for the upcoming May visit to China to meet 
>>with the Standards Administration of China
>>- the next plenary session will be held July 11-16 2004 in Portland Oregon
>>- in summary, this was a busy, productive plenary session for the