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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ Approval of November/January minutes and reports

Dear EC,

With regard to Roger's comment below, the WG did not vote
to request the P&P change, although when we discussed it
there was no opposition expressed. This was NOT driven
by the WG.

It was an oversight, in that I use the same slide
template for all of the presentations I do in 802. I
will try to get another template made for the future
so that this confusion will not be caused.

Similarly, I expect the current set of meeting minutes
to have a similar issue.

Roger, given that it the motion was NOT forwarded
from the 802.17 WG, do you want to see any changes?
I can easily regenerate the slides / pdf to allow
Bob/Steve to cut and paste them in.



Roger B. Marks wrote:
> Disapprove, with the following comments:
> (1) Approval of the "Motin" does not include approval of the January
> minutes since that is not in the text of the motion. However, the
> preceding paragraph may lead some reasonable people to believe
> otherwise. This situation is too ambiguous for me to vote Approve.
> (2) As I understand the motion, we are approving everything at
> <>. There is a link there labeled
> "802 News Bulletin." However, that Bulletin is wrong (as it must be,
> since that link is nonexistent).
> (3) I note that pages 127 and 129 are labeled with an "802.17" logo.
> According to the of the P&P, 'Proposed changes my be created by:
> a) Any working group or technical advisory group. A proposal shall
> require the affirmative vote of at least three fourths of the members
> present when the vote is taken..." b) Any Executive Committee Member.'
> Since the motion slide on page 125 is labeled with the 802.17 logo, one
> might presume that it was submitted by the 802.17 WG based on a 75% vote
> of that group. If this is the case, it should be noted specifically in
> the minutes.
> Also, although the January minutes are not part of the motion, I have
> the following comments on them:
> (a) Under 5.02, the sentence "Jim Carlo has taken the initiative to have
> a letter drafted to present to the BoG and sent by Friday (1/16/2004) that
> supports the 802.11 position." in incorrect. It would be nearly correct
> if "802.11" were replaced by "802". I would be satisfied with that change.
> (b) Under 5.02, the following is misleading: "Stuart indicated that he
> will be in China for three conferences by May. He will carry any further
> positions of the EC with him." It could be interpreted as meaning that
> the EC agreed that Stuart will formally represent the EC. I do not
> believe that such a decision was discussed in the meeting. I would be
> satisfied with a change of the latter sentence to "He volunteered to
> carry any further positions of the EC with him."
> Roger
> At 14:15 -0500 04/03/26, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>> Dear EC members,
>> At the closing EC meeting we agreed to defer the approval of the November
>> minutes to a 30 day email ballot (closing April 19th, 2004).  (I
>> recommend
>> we also include the January interim session ad-hoc EC meeting minutes be
>> approved using the same mechanism--please indicate in your vote if you
>> approve those minutes as well.)  Pointers to the minutes are included
>> below
>> for your reference.
>> Motin: To approve the November 2003 IEEE 802 LMSC EC meeting minutes.
>> The
>> mover/seconder were Bob Grow/DJ Johnson.
>> Opens: March 19th
>> Closes: April 19th.
>> By my count there are 15 EC Voting Members:
>> MSherman, HFrazier, ERiggsbee, BO'Hara, BQuackenbush, TJeffree, BGrow,
>> SKerry, BHeile, RMarks, MTakefman, CStevenson, SShellhammer, JUpton,
>> ARajkumar
>> Regards,
>> --Paul Nikolich
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>> From: "Bob O'Hara" <>
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>> Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2004 5:18 PM
>> Subject: [802SEC] November/January minutes and reports
>>>  I have just posted the minutes and reports to the web site.  I
>>> apologize
>>>  for the extraordinary delay this time.  You can find the minutes and
>>>  reports at:
>>  >
>>  > and
>>>   -Bob
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Michael Takefman    
Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
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