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[802SEC] Result of 802.17 D3.2 Recirculation / Conditional Approval

Dear EC Members,

On April 21, 2004 the CRG of 802.17 met to resolve comments on
the Sponsor Ballot Recirculation of P802.17 D3.2. The recirculation
ballot closed on April 16, 2004.

I regret to inform the EC that I believe we have failed to
meet the conditions set forth in Procedure 10. Specifically,
(item 4) we have chosen to make some changes to the draft that do
constitute technical changes (and are detailed below).

That being said, as the volume of comments were down
substantially from previous ballots and the operational technical
change corrects a rather obscure corner case I will be
requesting the EC to grant conditional approval again
under Procedure 10 via an email ballot (to follow
after this email).


P802.17 D3.2 Recirc Statistics: Ballot closed on April 16, 2004.

76 Approve 4 Disapprove 5 Abstains = 95% Affirmative

No new disapprove voters:

Note: One of the disapprove voters had flipped his vote via email to
me but did not submit a new ballot. Therefore the Approval ratio
could be as high as 96% (77/3/5).

67 comments were received from 7 commentors:
Only 1 negative balloter submitted comments (30 comments)

30 Editorial comments
9  Technical Binding comments from an existing negative voter
28 Technical Non Binding comments from approving voters

No new valid disapprove votes or comments on new issues that were
not resolved to the satisfaction of the disapprove voter.

5 unresolved comments from a negative voter. All comments were
against non-changebar text. 4 were restatements of issues raised
in previous ballots, 1 was an editorial change (to reformat a
table) marked as a technical issue.

Technical/Operational Change:
-An error was found in the protection state machine. A corner
case/race condition that is highly unlikely to occur in a real system
but is theoretically possible was fixed.

Technical/Non Operational Change:
-IETF review of the MIB found that a few initialization
values / indentifiers were incorrect and caused MIB compilation
to fail.

Pseudo-Technical / Editorial Change:
-inconsistent use of units for 1 variable. One variable was marked as
being in micro-seconds (with its default being 1000), whereas the other
related variables in the same state machine used milliseconds.
-3 changes in existing PICs statements
-2 optional PICs statements added
-missing references
-other minor editorial fixes

Moving Forward: contains
the latest draft and all associated documentation.

Draft 3.3 and associated comments were created and forwarded to SA Staff
for Recirculation Ballot. Balloting started on date April 23, with
end date May 8.

Assuming that the EC grants conditional approval for 802.17 D3.3:

A teleconference will be held Monday May 10th, 2004 to review comments /
determine if we can submit to RevCom.

Recirculation ballot will be started May 13th (as appropriate).



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