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[802SEC] Vacation Plans

Dear EC members,
I will be on vacation with my family from 13 June through 30 June in Europe (northern Italy and a rural part of Croatia).  I do not expect to be connected to email or the Internet during that entire period.  I have discussed my unavailability with Mat Sherman and Howard Frazier.  Via this email, I am delegating the authority of 802 Chair to Howard Frazier, 2nd Vice Chair, between 13 June and 30 June.  This will enable Howard to handle the inevitable issues that come up prior to a plenary.  I expect these issues to be logistical in nature (meeting space requirements, tutorial organization, networking needs, etc.)--there are no significant pending items that can't wait until we convene at the July plenary that I am aware of.
Electonic Ballots:  If anyone has items that may require an electronic ballot to close sometime before I return, please notify me and the EC so that we are aware of them as soon as possible.
Please give Howard your support while I'm away.  If there are any issues that you feel absolutely require my attention--please notify me immediately or else it will have to wait until July 1.
--Paul Nikolich
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