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[802SEC] report of IEEE P802.16-REVd under Procedure 10 [corrected]

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Dear LMSC EC Colleagues:

In our meeting of 19 March, the SEC granted conditional approval,
according to Procedure 10, to forward IEEE P802.16-REVd ["Draft IEEE
Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks - Part 16: Air
Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"] to RevCom.
Accordingly, I am making this report.

Following EC approval, we proceeded to recirculate from April 1-15.
Comments were received and resolved, in an Internet-based resolution
process with a Ballot Resolution Committee (BRC) comprising all the
members of the 802.16 Working Group. The BRC accepted some comments,
leading to the need for a new draft (D5).

I submitted P802.16-REVd/D5 to RevCom in time to meet their 14 May
deadline for consideration on 23 June. Following RevCom rules, a
second recirc (confirmation ballot) opened by the same 14 May

The confirmation ballot ran from 14-29 May. The Procedure 10
conditions have been met. The confirmation ballot closed with no new
Disapprove votes; the final result was 59 Approve, 1 Disapprove, 2
Abstain (98.3% Approval). One Disapprove comment was received, but it
was a reiteration of a rejected comment from the same voter. That
pair of comments are the only unresolved Disapprove comments
remaining. It is quite clear that the comment was a repeat, since it
said "There seems hence little need to provide further argumentation
beyond pointing to the original comment and Reason for
Recommendation", and the Suggested Remedy was simply "Reconsider
comment 004." The BRC did consider this comment again and rejected it
in an Internet vote in which it received an approval ratio of 5%.

No changes of any kind have been made to the draft as a result of the
confirmation ballot. The complete RevCom submittal package for
P802.16-REVd/D5, updated with the final confirmation ballot results
and including the pair of unresolved Disapprove comments, is here:



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <> +1 303 497 3037
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

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