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[802SEC] New PAR for July consideration

Title: New PAR for July consideration


IEEE 802.1 has requested the IEEE 802.3 initiate work in support of two of its approved PARs, P802.3ad Provider Bridging and P802.3AE MACSec.  This request is to expand the Ethernet maximum frame size to allow addition of header (and possibly trailer) fields to the existing 802.3 frame payload.  This was the subject of a joint technical plenary meeting in March, and will also be the subject of an Ad Hoc meeting during July.

In support of this request, a PAR and Five Criteria have been drafted for approval by IEEE 802.3 and the EC at the July meeting.  To minimize unnecessary delay of this project, I request that your Working Groups consider this PAR during the July meeting.  As customary, I will provide all relevant status on the proposed project at the closing EC meeting.

The P802.3ar draft PAR and Five Criteria can be found at:

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3

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