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Re: [802SEC] approved drafts removed from draft sale catalog


The EC opening meeting minutes of March 15 include the slides from
Karen's "Get IEEE 802 Update 9". It says (page 29 of the minutes):

No more approved drafts after 1 June 2004
*Shorter publication periods
  -Average down to 4-6 weeks
  -Redirect effort to drafts and standards
*Revenue doesn't justify effort

As I recall, this issue came up during a meeting with Karen (the 802
Task Force, I think) during the week. I believe that I asked for a
quantification of the effort required to remove a draft in the
catalog once approved, as compared to the effort required to remove
it from the catalog once published. I think Karen had an explanation,
but I don't recall it.


At 18:18 -0700 2004-07-06, Howard Frazier wrote:
>I notice that the draft in question appears on the following page
>with a link to
>Does this indicate that the draft is available as part of the
>Local and Metropolitan Area Networks + Drafts (LAN/MAN 802s)
>Standards Subscription?
>The page purports that:
>   This is a continuously updated collection of IEEE 802 approved standards,
>   and IEEE Unapproved 802 draft standards. This subscription has the
>   - Approved Standards
>   - Unapproved Drafts.
>   - Archived Standards
>Does this mean that approved drafts should not be included on the page?
>Does "Approved Standard" mean "As approved and published by the IEEE-SA"?
>The page also indicates that IEEE P802.16-REVd/D5 is an Unapproved draft.
>It appears that a certain amount of confusion persists in the matter
>of making drafts available for sale.  I had hoped we were past this.
>I either missed hearing, or I have forgotten that I heard, that drafts
>would not be sold after a standard was approved.  In the past, it has
>certainly been the case that we have made the draft available for sale
>until the standard was published.  Maybe this explains why the
>print and pdf revenues are so far below the budget for this year.
>Roger B. Marks wrote:
>>I have received an inquiry from someone who is unable to find
>>P802.16-REVd/D5 for sale on the drafts page.
>>Since it was formerly for sale, I assume that it must have been
>>removed under the policy we learned of in March - the policy that
>>approved drafts are removed from the catalog.
>>Could you please remind me of the benefits of pulling such drafts
>>from the catalog?
>>Can you suggest the best means to deliver the content of the approved
>>draft to users needing access to it before publication? In my case,
>>publication is scheduled about two months from now, and that is not a
>>practical delay for many people.
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.