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Re: [802SEC] First draft agenda for today's closing meeting


There is a typo in the following four lines:

5.05    ME      802.16e to RevCom
5.06    ME      802.16f to RevCom
5.07    ME      802.16g to RevCom
5.08    ME      802.16h to Revcom

This should all read "NesCom" instead of "RevCom".

Also, I request that all "Study Group Formation"
items be removed from the Consent Agenda. These



At 08:43 -0700 2004-07-16, Bob O'Hara wrote:
>I believe the agenda attached includes everything that has been sent to
>me.  Please review this ASAP and send me your additions, deletions, and
>I still have not received any agenda items from 802.20 or 802.21.  I
>also have not received any items from Buzz.  Please don't procrastinate.
>If you have agenda items, get them to me ASAP.  Thank you.
>  -Bob
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