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[802SEC] A thank you

Gentle people,

In the rush to open the cards and gifts and not overly delay the EC
meeting,  I had time for only a cursory look at the cards and gifts themselves.

Having had some time now, I want to thank all of you for the cards,
gifts and a rewarding two plus years as LMSC Treasurer.  I greatly
appreciate the sentiments expressed in the cards and I really like the gifts.

The "book ends" from the LMSC are actually a book rack with adjustable
books ends.  It is already in use.  I very much like the design and I
like the inscription even more, "From Your Friends IEEE 802 July 2004".
It means much more to me than something like "LMSC Treasurer, 200X-200Y"
as I have made a number of friends in 802 over the years that I would
not otherwise have made.

The gift certificate for the Hyatt Regency Monterey from Face to Face
Events, (Dawn and her wonderful crew of ladies) will almost certainly be
consumed by the end of the year as the Monterey area is one of our
(Marge and my) favorite areas.

Again my thanks and best wished to all of you.


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