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[802SEC] Results of EC letter Ballot on modifications of P&P for Coexistence



            Below are the results of the EC letter ballot on modifications to the P&P to support Coexistence.


            Ballot Summary:

            Yes                  11

            No                    2

            Did Not Vote      3


            The ballot passed.  To pass requires >= 2/3 vote of Yes divided by the total number of eligible voting members.


            Yes/(Total) = 11/16 = 0.6875 > 2/3


            I will request time in the Sunday Rules meeting in November to discuss comment resolution.  The 802.19 TAG will be doing comment resolution at the Wireless Interim in Berlin.


            Anyone who did not vote and would like to submit comments please send them to me before the Berlin wireless meeting (September 13-17) so that the TAG can review them.





Vote categories:          DIS    DNV     APP    ABS

  00 Paul Nikolich        DIS                        With comments
  01 Mat
Sherman                         APP
  02 Howard Frazier              DNV
  03 Buzz Rigsbee                DNV
Bob O'Hara                          APP
John Hawkins                        APP
Tony Jeffree                        APP
  07 Bob Grow                    DNV
  08 Stuart Kerry                        APP
Bob Heile                           APP
  10 Roger Marks          DIS                        With comments
Mike Takefman                       APP
  12 Carl Stevenson                      APP
Steve Shellhammer                   APP
  14 Jerry Upton                         APP
  15 Ajay Rajkumar                       APP
  TOTALS                  DIS    DNV     APP    ABS
                   Total: -02-   -03-    -11-   -00-



Steve Shellhammer

Intel Corporation

(858) 391-4570



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