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[802SEC] Document for EC Review (the one that was approved in principle at the July plenary)

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Dear EC colleagues,
Attached for your review is the document that was approved (in principle) by the EC at the July plenary.
NOTE:  The document DELIBERATELY has change marks, rather than being a "clean" document, since it proposes revisions to an existing ITU-R document as described below.  That is the ITU-R convention - to show all changes with change marks until they have been agreed - so the document will go to Geneva with the change marks.  (You can turn viewing of changes off to read a "clean copy" if you prefer.)
This document is entirely consistent with our previously approved contribution to the ITU-R (last December's JRG 8A-9B meeting) in that it proposes exactly the same protection criterion for "WAS/RLAN systems" (802.11a to us) as our original contribution and simply adds some technical analysis intended to justify proposed number.
What this document does is propose changes in the ITU-R "Working document towards a Preliminary Draft New Recommendation" that was created at the last meeting on this topic at the ITU-R in Geneva as a result of our initial contribution.  (I was the drafting group chairman for the document that is being updated.)
There were some administrations that wanted specific values referenced to an Annex, which was simply a "TBD" placeholder, pending the delivery of more in-depth supporting analysis for a specific number (which we had proposed).
This revision simply proposes to put in the specific number we suggested before and adds an Appendix containing an analysis that shows how we arrived at it (the Appendix is intended to provide the necessary information to allow administrations to understand the rationale behind the number and justify it as "reasonable.")
As such, I don't anticipate anyone will object to the document, but I would appreciate early notice if you do so I can address your issue, rather than waiting until the end of the 5 day review period,as the document is due in Geneva "real soon now."  (I have, as Dr. Heile would say, "been wrapped around the axle" time-wise since returning from Portland with a number of things relating to the FCC TV band NPRM, getting an extension of the comment period on that, 5 GHz DFS certification test rules issues, etc.)
I will be sending this document to Jim Carlo and Terry deCourcelle for IEEE-SA review in parallel to the EC review due to the time constraints of the impending deadline to ship this document to Geneva prior to the upcoming ITU-R WP8A meeting.
Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
Chair, IEEE 802.18 SG1 Study Group on Unlicensed Use of Unused TV Spectrum
Interim Chair, (proposed) IEEE 802.22 Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks
Member at Large, IEEE-USA CCIP
IEEE Liaison to ITU-R
610-965-8799 (home office)
610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
610-570-6168 (cellphone)
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