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[802SEC] +++updated IEEE P802.11.2 news release+++

Dear EC members,

Please use the attached version of the press release when reviewing it in
the context of the 802.11.2 press release motion.


--Paul Nikolich

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Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2004 8:55 PM
Subject: IEEE P802.11.2 news release

> Hi Paul,
> I edited the IEEE P802.11.2 release to incorporate the input/comments from
> Bob Grow, Bob O'Hara and Carl Stevenson. Since there seemed to be a
> difference on how to handle the task group name (between Bob Grow and Bob
> O'Hara), I took the liberty of consistently referring to the task group as
> "task group 802.11t."
> My apologies for not catching the placement of the "P" when referring to
> the IEEE P802.11.2 project--how I missed the "P" preceding the "IEEE" vs
> the project number is beyond me.
> Thanks for the use of the 802 EC eagle eyes!
> Karen
> (See attached file: PR_802112_V4.doc)
> Karen McCabe
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