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Re: [802SEC] Fw: Memo to 802.15 Working Group


Its nice to see that the IEEE-SA finally figured out a better
definition of domination then the joke they were using before.

I can't help but laugh that it wasn't listening to the EC members
but a USA today story that seems to have gotten some action
from them. Especially as they were warned that failure to
control this problem would cause damage to the IEEE brand
(et voila).

I think it is incumbent on all chairs to be proactive and do a
very good job of looking at their WGs/TGs to see if the sorts
of allegations that have been made in the case of 15.3 could be
made in any of their groups. So far, our track record in
this kind of self policing has been haphazard.

I am not sure that the policy suggested actually solves the
problem, or whether all chairs believe there is a problem.
No doubt this will be a lively discussion in November.



Paul Nikolich wrote:
 > Dear EC members,
 > The 802.15 WG and 802.15.3a TG will be implementing the
 > attached process measures at their upcoming Interim Session next week in
 > Berlin in order to ensure the orderly conduct of business.  These
 > measures are not typical for most 802 groups and I do not expect them to
 > be implemented as a normal mode of operation for any group unless
 > warranted.  After considered discussion with Bob Heile and IEEE SA
 > staff, they appear to be reasonable and warranted under the
 > circumstances.  I think it is important that the EC members be aware of
 > these measures, hence this email.  They are detailed in the attached
 > document.
 > Regards,
 > --Paul Nikolich
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 > *Sent:* Thursday, September 09, 2004 3:47 PM
 > *Subject:* Fwd: Memo to 802.15 Working Group
 > 802.15 Working Group members
 > You need to be aware of some things that will be going on in Berlin.  I
 > will be giving you a further update at the opening 3a meeting at 1030 on
 > Monday including a definition of what constitutes your primary
 > affiliation which may be an issue from some individuals who may have
 > several. Please save your questions until then. Both Judy and Karen will
 > be present.  Ich werde sie alle in Berlin sehen.
 > Mit freundlichen Grüßen
 > Bob
 >> Subject: Memo to 802.15 Working Group
 >> To: <>
 >> Cc: <>,
 >> From:
 >> Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 09:57:17 -0400
 >> Bob,
 >> Per our discussions yesterday with the IEEE governance, legal counsel,
 >> Paul
 >> Nikolich, Judy Gorman and myself, attached is the docment that you
 >> distribute to the 802.15 working group members, prior to the Berlin
 >> meeting.
 >> Karen
 >> (See attached file: Working group memo Berlin revised.doc)
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