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Re: [802SEC] 802-Hosted Interim for 802.3 WG in Vancouver for their January Interim


While I understand that both Buzz and Bob need to move fairly quickly on this to make Bob's meeting happen, I have some reservations.

Recent interims have highlighted the fact that the oversight mechanisms that we have built-in over the years for plenaries do not do the job for interims.

Had I a vote, I would not vote to approve without strict definition of who is responsible for what.
        Who actually has decision authority for hotel and rate selection?
        Who holds the hotel cancellation liability?
        Who holds the hotel liability for failure to meet room-night commitments?
        Who determines the meeting fee?
        Who approves the meeting fee?
        Who selects the meeting planner?
        What contracts are in place for interim meeting services?
        Who reviewed and approved those contracts?
        What fees are involved?
        Who decides whether or not the meeting fee includes lunches, socials.

These are all problems that we have successfully coped with at the plenary level. We don't even have a definition of who is responsible for the decisions for a joint interim meeting. We have gotten ourselves into what I consider to be significant trouble by ignoring these issues in the past.

It is not appropriate to approve this motion without assigning and placing oversight responsibility. It is not OK to just assume that some flywheel effect will make everything turn out OK.


At 01:09 PM 10/5/2004 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

Dear Colleagues,    Our success with doing 802-Hosted interim sessions has been very good.  We have budgeted conservatively, minimized contract liabilities, and always done just slightly better than an exact break-even for the 802-Treasury.  We would like to continue this record of success.  Thus far to date we have done two 802-Hosted Interims for the Wireless Working Groups (Orlando, Vancouver) and two for the Wired Working Groups (Vancouver, Vancouver).  We have recently been offered an excellent deal for another January interim at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver, and the 802.3 WG has expressed interest using this opportunity since attracting hosts right now is rather difficult for them, and they have the exact week which they were looking for.  So I am recommending that we quickly authorize another 802-Hosted interim for the January 23-28, 2005 IEEE-802.3 WG Interim Meeting and get this deal approved before it gets away.  The Hyatt Regency Vancouver has indicated that they would be happy to work with us on future January interims as well.

We will of course use our same "break-even" strategy for hosting this session so as to have minimal overall impact on our 802 Treasury.

I am asking Paul to run a fast email ballot to approve this 802-Hosting action.

So I will make the motion that the 802 EC approve 802-Hosting for the 802.3 Interim Session in Vancouver, BC.  I believe Bob Grow will second this motion.

Please direct any questions or comments to the reflector and the list above.

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing - SSG
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98324-2207
(425) 865-2443    Fx: (425) 865-6721

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