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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3 PARs for November Consideration

Title: IEEE 802.3 PARs for November Consideration


Two IEEE 802.3 Study Groups have requested PAR submissions for consideration in November as attached.  The URLs for Five Criteria documents are provided below.  Each group also has an archive of other material related to the proposed projects within their sections of the 802.3 web site.  If approval is not received for a PAR presubmitted to NesCom, it will be removed from the December NesCom agenda.

Frame Format Extensions (

This project is being done in support of IEEE 802.1 work.  IEEE Std 802.3 defines a maximum frame size.  We increased that frame size in P802.3ac by four bytes for tagged frames only (known as VLAN tag or QTAG).  In a similar way, protocols like provider bridging and MACSec optimally would add other header and or trailer fields to the basic Ethernet data with a corresponding increasing the maximum frame size.  This project will determine the maximum increase possible with acceptable negative impact to the installed base, and amend IEEE Std 802.3 accordingly to support these protocols that add prefix and suffix information as envelopes to the basic Ethernet data.

Five Criteria --

<<802.3as Frame Extensions draft PAR.pdf>>

Congestion Management (

The study group has determined that its preferred solutions to solving congestion management problems are in the domain of IEEE 802.1.  Consequently a proposal was made to 802.1 to transition the protocol portion of the Congestion Management work to 802.1, leaving 802.3 specific supporting work within 802.3.  This PAR is for the supporting work including improving DTE specifications and adding rate management capability to the 802.3 MAC or MAC Control sublayer.  The supporting Five Criteria describe answer the questions in the broader context of a congestion management solution including both 802.3 and what now are expected to be 802.1 features.

Five Criteria -- 

<<802.3ar Congestion Mgt draft PAR.pdf>>

Bob Grow

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802.3as Frame Extensions draft PAR.pdf

802.3ar Congestion Mgt draft PAR.pdf