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[802SEC] Clarification on EC roster and EC Votes

It just occurred to me this morning that since the 802.22 project was approved by the Standards Board at their September meeting, it is now a formal Working Group within 802 and, normally, whoever was assigned to be the Interim WG Chair would be eligible to vote on the EC email ballots.  However, whe have a unique situation here and I need to clarify the issue 802.22 representation on the EC.  As you recall, I appointed Carl Stevenson as Interim Chair of the WG, if approved by SASB, with the provision that regardless of the fact that Carl also is Chair of 802.18, he is only eligible for one vote on the EC. 
My plan is that Carl may hold this 'dual EC membership with one EC vote' through the end of the November plenary, upon which the EC must have a unique individual in each office.  I will also nominate a 2nd EC Vice Chair for confirmation in November.  Therefore at the end of the November plenary, the EC will have 16 unique members (plus me). 
In summary: at this time the number of EC votes is 14 and 8 approves are required for a motion to pass.
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