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[802SEC] [802.1] Fwd: [802SEC] Comments on 802.1aj from 802.17

Mike -

Please find 802.1's response to the 802.17 comments on P802.1aj below.


>>Dear EC,
>>please find attached 802.17 comments on 802.1aj
>>Michael Takefman    
>>Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
>>Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
>>3000 Innovation Dr, Ottawa, Canada, K2K 3E8
>>voice: 613-254-3399       cell:613-220-6991

802.1's response to the 802.17 comments on P802.1aj.

The intent of this project is to provide relaying at the media independent
level of the ISS with mappings of the ISS to point to point MACs. It is
unclear to us what utility this can possibly have in the context of 802.17,
as 802.17 does not define a point to point MAC. Inclusion of a device that
might appear superficially similar, to provide a link segment within an
802.17 MAC, is quite a different project which we do not believe we have
the expertise to undertake. Any aspects of the proposed P802.1aj standard
that would involve specification of SONET regeneration etc., would not be
undertaken by 802.1; in this context P802.1aj would serve as an
architectural example for other groups such as ITU-T if they chose to
undertake such work.

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