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Re: [802SEC] LMSC RAC representative appointment

 Dear EC members,

 The IEEE Registration Authority Committee (RAC) has two official LMSC
 representatives on it, until recently they have been Mick Seaman and Geoff
 Thompson.  Mick has served on the RAC since its inception in May 1992 and
 recently indicated to me that he intended to resign his position on the RAC
 as soon as I could find a replacement.  Upon considering several potential
 candidates, I have appointed Floyd Backes (and he accepted), a long time
 network industry expert.  He will bring a nice blend of wireline and
 wireless networking expertise to the RAC.  Floyd's bio is below.

 Please join me in thanking Mick for his long time service to 802 and the
 and welcoming Floyd as the incoming LMSC RAC representative.

 Geoff and Floyd will serve for the forthcoming three year period as LMSC
 representatives, with Geoff as the primary and Floyd as the alternate.   I
 do not believe a confirmation from the EC is required for these
 appointments, but if any EC member wishes to have a confirmation vote I
 honor the request and hold one at the March plenary session.


 --Paul Nikolich

 Floyd J. Backes - Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Propagate
 Networks, Inc.

 Backes has been an engineer and architect in the computer networking
 business for over 20 years. Prior to co-founding Propagate Networks, he was
 vice president of strategy and architecture at Nortel Networks. Backes came
 to Nortel Networks from 3Com, where he was CTO of the switching division.
 Prior to 3Com, he held senior technical positions at Bay Networks and at
 Digital Equipment Corporation, where he implemented the world's first
 wire-speed spanning tree Ethernet bridge. Backes has contributed
 to LAN and bridge-related standards development in IEEE 802, the ATM Forum,
 the IETF, and ISO/IEC. Backes has 10 patents issued and numerous patents
 pending related to LANs and LAN switching. He earned his bachelor's of
 engineering technology, cum laude, from the University of New Hampshire.

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