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Re: [802SEC] The IEEE 802 Wednesday evening Social.


Given the comments so far, I suggest the following lines of questions.

First, try to get some objective data on past behavior by asking
registrants whether they attended any of the past three plenary
sessions, and for each of the sessions they attended, did they also
attend the social?

Second, for those who attended at least one social, try to get some idea
of why they attended.   List several possible reasons for attending and
request that registrants select the primary reason they attended the
social and, if appropriate, the secondary reason.  The reasons could include

        a) To take a break from the standards work and just socialize with others.

        b) To continue technical discussions off-line and in a less informal atmosphere.

        c) To have informal discussions about the standards projects they are
involved in.

        d) To have informal discussions about how the work is going in other
WGs or Task Groups.

        e) To have some appetizers and a drink before going out to dinner.

        f) To have a meal that they had already paid for.

Third, try to determine how much the social is valued by asking
registerees if they would attend the social if it was not included in
the registration fee and they had to pay for it separately when they
registered.  In addition, ask how much they would be willing to pay
extra to attend a social with the current format, $20, $30, $40, $50,
$60, etc.

Forth, try to determine what format social the registerees would prefer
by asking them to select between several formats that include

        appetizers and drinks only
        appetizers, drinks and some form of professional entertainment
        buffet dinner and drinks only
        buffet dinner, drinks and some form of professional entertainment



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