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Re: [802SEC] motion to approve contribution to ITU-R JTG 6-8-9

Mike Takefman wrote and asked me "What is it you are trying to
achieve with the submission?"

Good question. Since this is not obvious, I'll copy the EC.

The submittal is intended for ITU-R Joint Task Group 6-8-9, whose
purpose is to prepare a draft addressing WRC-07 Agenda Item 1.9: "to
review the technical, operational and regulatory provisions
applicable to the use of the band 2500-2690 MHz by space services in
order to facilitate sharing with current and future terrestrial

In other words, they are studying issues related to the sharing of
this band between satellite and terrestrial services. One of the
specific topics includes "Characteristics of terrestrial systems". We
provided some initial information for their previous meeting, and
they they are looking for additional detail. That's what's in the

You can find more background information in:


Roger B. Marks wrote:
>I would like to put the following motion before the EC:
>"Motion: To approve IEEE L802.16-04/42r2, with the intent to submit
>to ITU-R as an IEEE contribution, subject to editorial revision."
>The document is available at:
>*802.18 Chair Mike Lynch would like to second the motion.
>*I am requesting that the EC ballot close on January 13 in order to
>make a submission deadline.
>*This is a followup to a "placeholder" contribution submitted to ITU
>by IEEE (via 802.18 and 802) in March 2004:
>I appreciate the EC's indulgence in reviewing this document, given
>the other ballots currently underway.
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>Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access
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