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Re: [802SEC] Regarding ballot closings

Rather than create a new "timeless zone" that no on has ever heard of and is certainly not standard, I suggest using one of the following (listed in decreasing preference):

1) Specify the ending time to be 11:59 PM in the time zone in which the person is currently located.
2) Specify the last minute of the day through one of the following means:
   a) 11:59 AM UTC of the following day -- truly international, but perhaps a bit too difficult for some
   b) 11:59 PM NUT (Niue Time)
   c) 11:59 PM BET (Bering Time)

John Lemon

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Yes, I created the AOE (Anywhere on Earth) deadline a few years ago
to be geographically neutral. We use it for all 802.16 deadlines. [I
haven't tried to introduce it to the Balloting Center.]

AOE isn't a time zone, and there isn't any "11:59 pm AOE". For
instance, we currently have a deadline of "13 January 2005 AOE". The
ballot is active as long as, anywhere on earth, 13 January is not yet

I include in the ballot announcement a link to a web site set to show
the deadline in major cities. For example, this is "13 January 2005
For this purpose, I program 11:59 pm for clarity.

AOE is documented here:
The page includes some other tools for calculating the deadline.

I do believe that the AOE deadline helps to maintain our
geographically-neutral identity, and I do recommend it throughout 802.


At 11:30 -0800 2005-01-04, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>One of the things that I think 802 should do in light of its desire to make
>itself more internationally oriented is to quite being so US centric (dare
>I say, even US power-center centric, i.e. Eastern Time) on its ballots.
>A while back (I believe it was) Roger implemented a time zone called AOE
>(Anywhere on Earth) which was effectively the last time zone east of the
>international date line. I believe that all 802 ballots should close at
>11:59 PM AOE.
>This would be just one more little step to being country neutral and a
>little less jingoistic.

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.