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[802SEC] proposal for non-NA Plenary soon [was +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 13 JAN+++motion to hold plenary sessions outside NA]


As I have before, I am in favor of plenaries outside North America,
and I don't think this is the right motion to solve the problem. So,
let me suggest an idea could get us one or more non-NA plenaries
before 2008, regardless of the motion.

The rules do not specify the plenary calendar, nor even how often
they are held. March-July-November is nothing more than a tradition.

I suggest that we start looking for opportunities to run a non-NA
plenary in January, May, or September.

Back at the January 2004 EC ad hoc, I suggested a joint interim
outside NA as a partial solution to this problem. I said it would be
slightly, if only slightly, less complex than a plenary. Buzz has
been supporting this idea. At this point, I've changed my view and
would recommend that we upgrade such a meeting to Plenary status. I
say that for two reasons:

(1) Just calling it a Plenary would give it more prestige value; no
one would say "well, it's only an interim.
(2) Plenary status carries additional implications on membership
rights, giving people additional chances to attain/retain membership
without visiting NA.

My specific proposal is that, at the March meeting, we define a
future January, May, or September for a Plenary session and issue a
solicitation for hosting proposals. I am thinking of making a motion
to that effect in March, and I welcome views on the idea.


At 07:52 -0500 2005-01-07, Carl R. Stevenson wrote:
>In terms of our perception as an international SDO, I think it's an
>emergency that we are NOT holding a plenary in Asia or Europe for at
>least 4 more years.
>We (collectively, at least in the majority) seem to keep paying lip
>service to "going international," but ultimately at the end of the
>day it always seems that there is some excuse for putting off a firm
>I am very disappointed that this motion is for a plenary as far in
>the future as it is, rather than making something work MUCH sooner (
>I cannot believe that a hotel contract for next year or two years
>from now cannot be re-negotiated for a later date to allow an out of
>NA plenary significantly sooner than 4 years from now), and I'm even
>more disappointed that this entire issue is not a no-brainer,
>Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 6:59 PM
>Subject: Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 13 JAN+++motion to
>hold plenary sessions outside NA
>With some regrets I am voting Disapprove on this motion. If there
>was a way to table an email motion or to postpone it to the next
>plenary I would attempt that instead.
>In principle, I see a value to holding some plenary meetings outside
>North America even if that entails a manageable amount of extra
>expense and effort.
>However, our membership should be consulted generally before we make
>this decision. As far as I can recall, we have allowed for such
>discussion before making this type of change in the past. While
>there was some discussion among the exec and in some of the working
>groups about the visa problem last meeting, the motion has only been
>raised through Exec reflector discussion and the change has not been
>presented at all in some Working Groups.
>We are talking about a change for 4 years in the future. This isn't
>an emergency. Preliminary investigations of practicality of the
>change can begin without the motion. Therefore, the earliest we
>should consider this motion is at the end of the March Plenary when
>we will have had a chance for discussion in the working groups. It
>would be a bad precedent to use an email ballot to decide this
>before an opportunity for Working Group discussion.
>Ideally, I also would prefer to find out if we have some indication
>of willingness of organizations to act as co-hosts (at least for
>logistics) before we commit to this action.
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>[]On Behalf Of Paul Nikolich
>Sent: Tuesday, 28 December, 2004 1:02 PM
>Subject: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 13 JAN+++motion to hold
>plenary sessions outside NA
>Dear EC members,
>This is a email ballot to make a determination on the below motion.
>"I move that beginning calendar year 2008, at least one 802 plenary
>session shall be held outside of North America in each calendar
>Moved: Bob O'Hara
>Second: Jerry Upton
>The ballot opens 6pm ET Tuesay 28 December 2004  and closes Thursday
>13 January 2005.
>--Paul Nikolich

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