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Re: [802SEC] March Plenary education

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Pat,    See my answers embedded below: 
Will you provide a budgetary impact statement to accompany each contract proposal ??? 

Thanx,  Buzz
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John and Buzz,
We are getting close on the Education item to choosing a vendor and a couple of questions have come up from one of the vendors on drafting the contract.
What should be the corporate name for us in the contract.
I think this is fine (it is in another contract):

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) through its Project 802 LAN / MAN Standards Committee (IEEE 802) 

Currently we just use  "IEEE Project 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE 802)" on the contracts which I sign. 

What address should be in the contract. Possibly there should be two - one for billing and one for other contact. Billing would be the treasurer and contact would be me (or possibly our Executive Secretary). Does that sound right?   

I agree:  Billing=Treasurer, and Contact=Pat Thaler.  If it were something that required my attention, you guys would surely let me know. 

Who signs? The current networking contract had Buzz as Executive Secretary and an IEEE Procurement person.    Is that the correct thing here?    Yes. 

We have a draft contract from one of the vendors and another should be getting one to us soon along with an update on their pricing. Who needs to review these? 

Contracts are generally reviewed by the Treasurer & Executive Secretary plus additional interested parties (e.g. yourself in this case).  Corrections and changes are negotiated as necessary (with Executive Secretary as focal for feedback).  When all parties are agreed on the result, the signature process can occur. 


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