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[802SEC] Mat's notes from P&P revision telecom

Title: Mat's notes from P&P revision telecom


Here are my notes (informal minutes) from the telecom.  Feel free to comment if you see any errors.  The document below only partially incorporates agreed upon edits.  Additional edits are called out in the Notes below.  I will have an r3 of this document prior to the next telecom for comment.




-------------------------------------------------------- Notes from 2/16/05 P&P Revision Ballot Resolution Telecom --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------






Bob G





Dave R

John H

Time of Meeting:  11 AM 1 PM EST 2/16/05

Meeting notes:

Played around with Webex a bit getting everyone familiar

Focused on Resolution of EC_Membership_&_Meetings LMSC P&P Revision Ballot

Started from document: 802.0-EC_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_ballot_resolution.doc

Reviewed changes and comments in document and worked on resolutions

Section by section break down of work:

Many edits (not noted here) are captured in the document (attached): 802.0-EC_Membership_&_Meetings-Proposed_ballot_resolution_r2.doc

This document will be worked into a new draft based on comments provided below:

Noted addition of editorial material in other relevant sections (7.1, 7.1.1, etc)  based on Dave Ringles inputs

Resolutions in 7.1.2

AI for Mat: Poll group who will vote against ballot based on addition of member emeritus position

AI for Mat: If too much opposition, divide question in session

Editing to be done for Mat:

Keep Member emeritus with other officer descriptions in 7.1.2 (not as separate section)

Break existing alphabetized list into two sepaate lists (voting and nonvoting)

Member emeritus and Hibernating chairs are non voting

Inputs from Bob Grow on current practices for this section:

This is not consistent through the P&P I think our practice and general interpretation of the P&P is:

1. if WG/TAG Chair is appointed, then must be confirmed by WG/TAG and then EC

2. if WG/TAG Chair is elected by WG/TAG, then must be confirmed by EC,

3. if an LMSC Chair appointed position, then must be confirmed by EC.

4. powers granted immediately on confirmation if a new position or vacant position.

5. powers granted at end of plenary session of confirmation when position currently occupied.

Generalize to allow multiple member emeriti on EC

Change officers of EC to officers of LMSC where ever possible

        Are identical in fact, but want consistent references throughput P&P

        Dont want to flip flip

                Officers of LMSC preferred.

Add Dave Ringles paragraph in section 5 to ballot with Dave's changes except last line about training material:

These officers shall be members of any grade of the IEEE and a member of the IEEE-SA and shall organize the Sponsor, oversee the committee's compliance with these procedures, and submit proposed standards approved by the balloting group with supporting documentation for IEEE-SA Standards Board review and approval as IEEE standards.

AI for Mat: Pass formal objection to Dave Ringle to pass to Audcom committee concerning last line of section 5 text which comes from Audcom Model P&P

Delete 7.1.3

Confirm everything from 7.1.3 is maintained somewhere first

Move into 7.1.2 proper

Keep as is for now (do not incorporate Dave Ringle inputs)

AI for Pat: Send something to reflector on item 7 in list to clarify existing text.


AI Mat:  Poll group who will vote against ballot based on addition of on EC teleconferences

AI for Mat: If too much opposition, divide question in session

Completed resolution session on EC_Membership_&_Meetings LMSC P&P Revision Ballot.

Adjourned roughly at 1 PM EST.

Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


Office: +1 973.633.6344


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