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[802SEC] FW: [New-work] New BOF in Internet Area - SHIM6

This may be of interest to your WG members.


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Subject: [New-work] New BOF in Internet Area - SHIM6

Site MultiHoming by IPv6 InterMediation BOF (shim6)

Friday, March 11 at 0900-1130

CHAIRS: Brian Carpenter <>
        Kurtis Lindqvist <>


1. Administrivia, Chairs (5 mins)
   - Agenda
   - Scribes

1. Introduction, Charis (5 mins)

2. shim6 solutions architecture overview, Geoff Huston
   draft-huston-l3shim-arch-00.txt (15 mins)

3. review proposed charter, Chairs (25 mins)

3.1 General goals and scope
3.2 Specific deliverables and milestones

4. AOB, chairs (10 mins)
   - Next steps


The multi6 WG was tasked with investigating solutions to the site
multihoming problem that will allow the global routing system to scale.
The outcome of the multi6 WG is a specific network layer shim
architecture for addressing and address handling of sites and nodes.
This includes switching to different locator addresses when connectivity
changes, but without the changes of address being visible to upper
layers, which see a fixed Upper Layer Identifier address (ULID).

The proposed shim6 WG is to complete this work with the required
protocol developments and complete the architecture and security
analysis of the required protocols.

Interim mailing list for pre-discussion:

Join by sending "subscribe shim6" to

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