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I am forwarding this for the 802.11 Contention-based Protocol Study Group


    The Contention-Based Protocol Study Group will hold weekly
teleconferences beginning Wednesday April 6th, at 1PM ET.

    Please send an email if you may attend, so I can get
the right size conference bridge, and spell your name correctly in the
minutes ;-)

    The initial call will discuss the FCC Memorandum, Opinion and Order
on 3650-3700 MHz use (05-57):

    and the associated Cognitive Radio Report and Order that illuminates
FCC thinking on 'reasonable opportunities' for contention resolution

  If you do have a presentation you would like to give, please send me
an email. If you would volunteer to take minutes, please send me an email.

* Roll call
* Approval of agenda
* Summary of progress during Atlanta session (802.11-05-223)
* Any other discussion

Date: 6 April 2005
Time: 1 PM Eastern time
Duration: 1 hour
Phone #  1-866-902-7861 (toll-free outside 408 area code)
International: +1-408-902-7861
Meeting ID: 87654321

Thanks in advance,
 90.7 Definitions.
* * * * *
Contention-based protocol. A protocol that allows multiple users to
share the same spectrum by defining the events that must occur when two
or more transmitters attempt to simultaneously access the same channel
and establishing rules by which a transmitter provides reasonable
opportunities for other transmitters to operate. Such a protocol may
consist of procedures for initiating new transmissions, procedures for
determining the state of the channel (available or unavailable), and
procedures for managing retransmissions in the event of a busy channel.

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