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Re: [802SEC] P&P Revision Ballot - Clause 7.5 - Balloting Groups

Geoff -

At 01:15 29/03/2005, Geoff Thompson wrote:
I'm afraid that I think the text is not sufficient.

1) I'm suspicious (but I haven't looked) that "Sponsor Ballot" is an undefined term. I think it is a term that we use commonly but isn't really defined. I could be wrong, ifso never mind..

The SA SB Ops manual has a section entitled "Standards ballot by the Sponsor"  (5.4). Looks close enough to a definition to me.

2) The current text is incorrect under MyBallot, i.e.
A Balloting Group for a specific document is formed by sending invitations to ballot to members of the relevant Invitation  Pool(s). Generally, invitations to ballot are sent only to the Invitation Pool for the WG or TAG that is developing the draft concerned; not how its done.

I believe the following is more accurate:
A Balloting Group for a specific document is formed by opening a Group formation period in MyBallot. Qualified interested parties sign up to participate via a web interface of MyBallot. Parties may be informed by notification from the MyBallot system, the Working Group Chair or by querying the MyBallot system to see what invitations are open.

The interface to MyBallot allows individuals to join Invitation Pools. I believe my wording to be consistent with the terminology used in/functionality of MyBallot, without getting so deep into the detailed mechanics that it would be rendered incorrect by a minor change in the way the MyBallot interface operated. I don't see any need to make the change you propose here - the wording proposed in the ballot is clear as to the intent.

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