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[802SEC] Related International Committees

Dear EC members,

Jodi Haasz of SA Staff is compiling a list of International Committees that 
Computer Society SAB Sponsors work with (see the attached file.)  The only 
Committee she currently has on her list for LMSC is ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6.

All WG and TAG Chairs: please send Jodi a list of all International 
Committees that your Working Group has a relationship with.

Jodi's email is



> Dear All:
> Attached please find the list of committees within the Computer Society
> that develop standards.  We are trying to set up a list of international
> committees that may have work related to your own.
> Some of the related international committees have already been entered in
> the spreadsheet.  If you know of additional international committees (ISO,
> IEC, JTC1, ITU, etc) whose work is related to yours, could you please let
> me know the name of the IEEE Computer Society committee and the name of 
> the
> related international committee?  If you could please respond by Tuesday,
> 31 May, it would be very much appreciated.
> We look forward to your assistance and should you have any questions,
> please feel free to contact me.
> Best regards,
> Jodi Haasz
> Program Manager
> International Stds Programs and Governance
> Standards Activities
> Phone +1 732 562 6367
> FAX +1 732 875 0695
> Email:

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