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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802 Plenary Session July 2005 UPDATE~ Correction

Roger,  I guess I fail to see a major problem with the particular references in the abstract in question, since they are merely being used as examples and are in no way related to the presenters, but at the risk of being too hypercritical I will remove the names from the abstract for this time.  However, for the future, I would suggest we need to make this policy as a specific rule that we publish along with the Tutorial Request Form, if we are going to attempt to rigorously enforce this policy in future.  We need to give folks fair warning before we start changing their abstracts for them.  

See the attached edited version -05, which I propose as a replacement for the version -04 in question.  

And Yes, we normally email the tutorial list to the SEC for review before we post it to the web, but in this case we missed a step in the process, and instead followed the update process for trivial updates (e.g. adding an additional speaker's name).  So we apologize for the mistake.  We'll be more careful next time.    :-)   

Thanx,  Buzz
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It is my understanding that you are the chief overseer of the tutorial process, so I will bring my complaint to you.

The Abstract to "Cognitive Radios - How close to reality?" has gratuitous references to specific companies and agencies of specific governments. These references add no value whatsoever. I would like them deleted.

Can you accommodate my request?

In the future, can we preview the tutorial program before it's official announcement?


At 11:02 -0700 2005-06-14, Dawn Slykhouse wrote:
>Good Day All,
>Please find attached an updated IEEE 802 July 2005 Tutorial Schedule.  
>We have posted this new information onto the IEEE 802 July 2005 Event 
>Portal, along with posting it on the IEEE 802 Meeting Information page.
>Thank you and have a wonderful week.
>Best regards, Dawn
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