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[802SEC] P&P Revision Ballot - Clause 17 - Procedure for PARs

This is a re-run of my rules change ballot; to refresh peoples' memories, I 
initially ran a ballot to change clause 7.5 to reinforce our "individual 
balloting" policy. This ballot comprehensively failed, and Bob Grow pointed 
out that the clean and simple way to achieve my original intent was to add 
a simple statement to the Procedure for PARs. Geoff Thompson proposed a 
rather tighter wording, and it is Geoff's version that I have used in this 
re-ballot. Geoff's wording makes it clear that any deviation from 
individual balloting requires a vote of the EC taken at a Plenary. While 
this may at first appear redundant, as forwarding a PAR is something that 
we do at Plenaries, my reading of the rest of the procedure leads me to 
believe that there are some categories of PAR (maintenance, amendment to an 
existing PAR) where the procedure doesn't explicitly require the PAR to be 
approved at a Plenary. Hence, short of digging up the drains on the whole 
of the procedure, which I am loath to do, I believe that Geoff's words are 
a useful clarification.

This ballot closes on 17th July 2005.


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