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[802SEC] Results for Comment Resolution on the 'LMSC Orgainzation' P&P Revision Ballot



A comment resolution session was held on the 'LMSC Organization' P&P
Revision Ballot on 6/27/05.  The recommendations from that session are
included in the attached document highlighted in green.  Key
recommendations include:


1)       Simplify Voting rights for Hibernating chair such that they
become non-voting members when the WG hibernates

2)       Simplify membership rules for WG coming out of Hibernation so
that it makes use of the same process as a new WG

3)       Clarify 'informal work' by WG to be that of Study Group and
point out possible issue with SA rules


Please review the changes and provide any comments.  If you will not be
able to support this revision when it comes up for ballot please let me
know and send desired changes to the reflector.  The number of people
participating in the ballot resolution is very limited, and the process
will not be effective if noone participates.






Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Senior Member Technical Staff 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 


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