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[802SEC] Proposed 802 resolution


During our phone conference on cleaning up our P&P this morning we 
discussed that some of the items in the ascendancy of our governing are not 
available on-line.

We can't control items that come from outside the IEEE such as US or state 
law and court decisions but we can hold the feet of the IEEE to the fire to 
clean up their act. We all agreed that this is something that needs to be 
fixed. Therefore it was suggested that 802 take a position on this.

Therefore, I suggest that the following item be put on the agenda of the 
Monday 802 EC meeting for vote and approval.

We can discuss on the reflector in the meantime. Proposals for modification 
or amendment are in order.


Proposed resolution of 802 EC

802 will not include any IEEE policies, procedures or restrictions into the 
ascendency of P&P governing the operation of IEEE 802 unless the following 
requirements are met:
	1) Notice is provided to 802 of the rule, policy or procedure
	2) Such policy is openly and publicly available on-line.
	3) The location is made known to 802 via the 802 EC.

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